Impressive $100m investment secured by our client, Babylon

October 19, 2018  |  Author: 33Seconds

Last month, in a visit to the flowered walls of Babylon’s South Kensington offices, health secretary Matt Hancock stood in attendance as founder and CEO, Dr Ali Parsa, announced an amazing $100 million investment in the company’s AI capabilities to manage chronic diseases and double its London team of AI technicians and clinicians.

33Seconds with… Hannah Karim

September 24, 2018  |  Author: 33Seconds

Continuing from last month’s post comes the September instalment of 33Seconds With, featuring personal interviews that showcase some of our fabulous team. Next on our list is the PR team’s very own Hannah Karim, whose love of animals inspires us all.

Sky’s the limit!

August 20, 2018  |  Author: 33Seconds

Well, the cat’s out of its (reusable) bag – after becoming Sky UK’s social media agency in March, we’re super proud to have taken on two additional channels for the broadcaster this month – eco-friendly campaign Sky Ocean Rescue and the relaunch of drama-filled hotspot, Sky Witness.

33Seconds with…Becky Burchell

July 31, 2018  |  Author: 33Seconds

We’re starting a new series of blog posts to introduce some of the great people working in our team. To kick things off, one of our newest recruits, Becky, will share some insight into her life inside and outside 33Seconds!

Everything you ever wanted to know about AI… and then some

July 2, 2018  |  Author: Laura Grant

Artificial intelligence – it’s arguably the most important technological advancement of recent years and is already having a fundamental impact on all types of industries from healthcare and finance to automotive and retail. And that’s the easy bit to grasp – how it works and the future implications it has for businesses, consumers and wider society are hugely complex subject areas, hotly debated by experts around the world.

Say goodbye to fake news…

June 14, 2018  |  Author: Lauren Keefer

We are delighted to announce some exciting news from one of our newest client, Look Live Media, who just launched their Google-funded AI technology VeriFlix to combat fake news.

Sky appoint 33Seconds as their retained social media agency!

April 26, 2018  |  Author: Cision - Gorkana

We’ve known for a while but had to keep quiet (which has been hard!) Now the news is out and we are VERY VERY excited :)

Super cool Blade: Revolutionising the PC industry!

February 2, 2018  |  Author: 33Seconds

French start-up, Blade is revolutionising the PC industry by launching Shadow, a new breed of cloud-based computer which transforms any internet-connected device with a screen into a high-end, full-featured, always-updated and upgraded PC….

33Seconds Christmas Party!

December 23, 2017  |  Author: 33Seconds

Just jamming.

Agency of the Year – again!

October 24, 2017  |  Author: 33Seconds

Another nomination for Agency of the Year! This time we are doubly excited as its the Drums prestigious Social Buzz Awards! We have been winners here before so lets hope we can do it again!!!