33Seconds builds world first automotive Facebook Configurator Canvas with Citroën

Author: Charleigh Elgar

33Seconds builds world first automotive Facebook Configurator Canvas with Citroën

Citroën’s focus on creative technology goes far beyond cars. The company’s constantly exploring new ways of pushing the boundaries of social media to find innovative ways of sharing news and information about its cars. One example which grabbed the attention and imagination of its community was when the car manufacturer invited fans to design their own version of the New C3 using Facebook. How did it do this, I hear you say? Enter the ‘New C3 Configurator Canvas’, a world first in the automotive industry (developed by your friends here at 33Seconds)!

The Configurator Canvas lets users build their dream car by offering a palette of colours to choose from for the body and roof, a variety of wheel sizes, interior trim options – the works basically. With a couple of taps, hey presto – you have your ideal motor (on screen).

The actual New C3 is highly customisable with a total of 240 different design outcomes, so this ad helps Facebook users explore and visualise the final design directly from their smartphone. Once completed they can ‘Book a Test Drive’, driving incremental sales as well as providing Citroën with that all important data; giving it crucial insights into preferred colour combos and such.

To build the canvas the team here at 33Seconds had to start from the final point, as each canvas has to be completed then linked in the correct order. So we worked backwards, firstly creating the wheel option canvas, each of which linked to a specific reveal image. Stepping back again, we looked at the interior colours, then roof colour, before offering the Airbump option – before finishing off with the body colour. Effectively, the final product’s made up of multiple canvases all linked together, which creates a path to your perfect New C3.

The end result is a really unique and compelling ad opportunity, which took hard work and dedication to pull together. It tempts people in and asks them to engage with the brand by offering ultimate personalisation power and fits perfectly with Citroën’s ‘Inspired By You’ positioning.