33Seconds with…Becky Burchell

Author: 33Seconds

33Seconds with…Becky Burchell

What do you do at 33Seconds?

I am a Community Manager, working on Babylon, GP at Hand, Citroën and The Graham Norton Show.

What’s a normal day like for you?

I monitor the communities and engage with them as much as I can. Often there will be an ongoing project for the brands I work on, so I’ll always be busy collecting ideas, analysing, and reporting on how the content we have produced performed.


What’s the most surprising thing that’s happened to you while at 33Seconds?

I didn’t think I’d meet an actor from one of my favourite shows when I was hired,  but I went to the premiere of Westworld for Sky, and the guest speaker and star Rodrigo Santoro took a selfie of us on my phone!


Describe what working at 33Seconds is like in three words…

Energetic, fun and busy!


What’s your spirit animal and why?

I think it would have to be a butterfly, my mum calls me butterfly. I think it’s because of the nature of renewal and transformation; it’s important to grow and change.


Last thing you binge-watched on TV?

At the moment I’m really into crime documentaries so I watched the Evil Genius one in a day last weekend. Although now my last binge watch is every single episode of Love Island EVER.