33Seconds with… Hannah Karim

Author: 33Seconds

What do you do at 33Seconds?

I’m a Senior Account Executive on the PR team, currently working on Shadow, omni:us, Weyo and HouseMyDog.

What made you decide to join 33Seconds in the first place?

I graduated uni with a degree in Sociology and knew I wanted to come back to London and start working. Since my degree wasn’t particularly vocational, I was open to different fields of work, but I knew I wanted a versatile role which allowed me to learn a variety of skills and gain experience in lots of areas, as well as being in an agency with a friendly company culture. I felt very lucky to find that all in one place and it be my first job.

What are you currently working on?

I’m very excited about kicking off activity with our new client, HouseMyDog. Working with tech startups means we have a wide variety of clients, and whilst that’s great for keeping things fresh, the prospect of talking about dogs all day and it be part of my job makes me very happy.

What’s the most surprising part of your role?

My responsibilities vary widely between clients, so each day is different. I run social media accounts, work with influencers to create video content around our clients’ products and services, and liaise with media to secure press opportunities, as well as day-to-day client liaison and support across the team.

What meme describes your life?

HK dog meme

If you could have one office pet, what would it be?

Dog (I’d accept a Dachshund, Alsatian, Husky, Pomsky or whichever needs rescuing from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home), rabbit, guinea pigs, tortoise…please note that these commas are in place of ‘and,’ not ‘or’.