Impressive $100m investment secured by our client, Babylon

Author: 33Seconds

Last month, in a visit to the flowered walls of Babylon‘s South Kensington offices, health secretary Matt Hancock stood in attendance as founder and CEO, Dr Ali Parsa, announced an amazing $100 million investment in the company’s AI capabilities to manage chronic diseases and double its London team of AI technicians and clinicians.

We were delighted to head down for the day and capture all of the excitement for Babylon’s social channels as Hancock – himself a self-avowed patient of GP at Hand – spoke warmly of the service, which is currently available to those living and working in Central London, saying it should be made available across the country.

Working hand-in-hand with both Babylon’s and the health secretary’s communication teams was crucial to deliver on-brand and aligned social media messaging, guaranteed to engage both Babylon’s dedicated following and other interested parties. That’s why attentive community management and expert delivery were key to navigating the massive conversation spike following the announcement and for several days afterwards, along with accompanying social photography and video – all produced on a tight turnaround!

Watch more from this exciting event, and listen to the man behind the mission to put healthcare in the hands of everyone on earth.