Sky’s the limit!

Author: 33Seconds

We officially took over Sky Ocean Rescue social accounts, promoting a brilliant campaign to stop the spread of plastic into the sea by encouraging and empowering everyone to #PassOnPlastic. Did you know that more plastic was made in the first decade of this century than all of the 20th century, combined? Based on our current production, by 2050 the amount of plastic in the world’s oceans will outweigh all of the fish, creating an underwater crisis with implications for the Earth at large.

Already, Sky’s pledged to break free from single-use plastic by 2020, and we’re encouraging the rest of the public to join us in the mission to #PassOnPlastic with the latest news, tips and advice through creative content:


And that’s not all: Sky Witness, formerly known as Sky Living, launched last week and we helped support Sky with their channel rebrand by engaging viewers through clever, thumb-stopping content – our speciality. Rebranding to better reflect their selection of US dramas also challenged us to engage influencers in a launch campaign, leading to our highly successful Feel the Drama mystery.

The riddle began when over 30 locked suitcases with cryptic messages were sent out last Saturday to prolific influencers (and avid fans of the channel), who then had to wait to receive a burner phone and text the keyword (WITNESS) for their code. Only on Monday could they use the code 608 – or 6 August, the date that Sky Witness officially launched – to crack the case and enjoy a variety of products inspired by the Sky Witness tone of voice, including a Soho Hotel Throw to “keep it undercover”, a Diptique candle to “let it burn”, and more.

The mysterious campaign (and forced wait) was a huge success – targeting a combined following of 1.4 million on Instagram alone, we saw an influx of excited stories and tweets around the sudden arrivals.